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Waiting Room
Posted by Sasha Contreras on 21 April 2020 09:42 AM

Waiting Room

Do you have a Waiting Room? Do you need to record how long a student waited to see an advisor or tutor? With the Waiting Room feature you can record the wait time, see who is still waiting to be helped and more!

In this week’s Newsletter we will discuss how to add and use the Waiting Room feature to your Trac System.

First you will need to change a few settings that will allow you to activate the waiting room feature.

To access the Waiting Room settings, go to the Trac Navigation > Search Glass > select Center Profile > click on the Profile you need to add this feature to > Prefs Tab > Log In/Out Tab. We will focus on the first six preference


Use a Waiting Room

Activating the “Use a Waiting Room” preference allows you to collect Wait Time data. This applies in the situation where a student comes in to your center, logs in, and then waits to be assigned a Consultant. After the student logs in, the system places this student in a “Waiting Room” until either a Front Desk worker or Consultant takes the next step and assigns the student a Consultant for the session. 

The Waiting Room preference is typically used by Advising Centers. If a student Logs in and is waiting for the “First Available” Advisor, your Log Listing will indicate this student’s status.

At this point, our student is still waiting to be assigned a Consultant. Clicking on the icon of a person sitting looking at the clock will then initiate the beginning of the session, at which point, the “waiting to see” message will change to “being seen by”.


Choose Consultant on Login

Activating this preference allows the user who is signing in to select a Consultant during the Login process. The “# Choices” field just to the right determines the maximum number of Consultants displayed during Login. Consultants displayed in the drop down box during Login will be organized alphabetically, so if 30 consultants are linked to your Writing Center and you set the max to 10, the first 10 Consultants in alphabetical order will be displayed, if the Writing Center is selected.

Set initial status to ‘waiting’ on log in

This preference, if activated, will set the Student’s initial status to ‘Waiting’ upon log in. This preference is designed based on the assumption that Wait Time is a data field that is being collected. 


And include wait time in total time for visit

Activating this preference will include wait time with Total Visit Time. If Wait Time and Visit Time need to be separated, do not activate this preference. 


Allow “First Available” as a choice

This preference, if activated, allows “First Available” as a choice for students when selecting a Consultant. The “First Available” choice allows Consultants to then claim a student for a session, or Front desk workers to then assign a student to a Consultant.


Only ‘First Available’ for these subcenters (blank for all):

Activating this preference will only allow the “First Available” choice when users are asked to “Choose a Consultant”. 


Once you activate your settings you will now be able to run reports that will list the wait time for the individual student or an average for your center. Below is the Attendance by Hour Report and how to run it



Attendance by Hour Report


The Attendance by Hour Report displays the time of day that visits are occurring over a given date range. The attendance is plotted by number, and in a bar graph. The hours of the day are listed vertically on the left, and then columns to the right represent the number of students in the center at any given block of time. The average wait time will display in the middle. The report can be regenerated for an individual center or date range.

To generate the Attendance by Hour, click on Reports from the TutorTrac Main Menu. On the Reports Chooser, select Other from the pull down list of available categories. After selecting Other, choose Attendance by Hour. Choose center(s) then enter a date range for the time period that you would like to review in the report. Then click on the Generate Report button.







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