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Navigate Your Trac System Like a Pro!
Posted by Sasha Contreras on 21 April 2020 10:15 AM

Navigate Your Trac System Like a Pro!

The Trac Navigation is a powerful tool to navigate through your Trac System. We have many different search options that are available to you, to help easily Navigate and search the student, visits, registrations and even Faculty listings. This will be the first of a series of four Newsletters where we will talk about the different search options. In this week’s Newsletter we will start with the Trac Navigation and the different quick search options that are available to you.


Trac Navigation

The Trac Navigation is found in the top left-hand corner of every page.


Within the Trac Navigation there are two icons:

1) TracMan Icon: This is where you have access to the main features of the application such as the Log Listing, Schedule, Reports, as well as access to the different management functions within your Trac System. This is also where you can access and setup any additional modules that have been purchased such as SAGE, SurveyTrac, Whiteboard, etc…



2) The Search Glass Icon: When you hover over this Icon on the right side of the Trac Navigation it will pull up the different listings that are available in your Trac System. These are the different listings that we will be looking at today and how we can quickly search through the Student Listing, Visit Listing, Registrations and Faculty, using the Trac Navigation.




Trac Navigation Quick Search Options

@                     - is the wildcard

=                      - is equal to

#                      - is not equal to

>                      - is greater than

>=                    - is greater than or equal to

<                      - is less than

<=                    - is less than or equal to

…                     - is a range of values

;                       - is used between multiple REQUIRED phrases


All of these quick search options can be used to search for different records. Let’s start by first searching the student listing for all the students with the last name “smith”. To search for this list we will need to go to the Trac Navigation> Search Glass> Students, then in the Trac Navigation type in “Smith@” and press the enter key. Since the “@” symbol acts as a wildcard it will then pull all of the students with the last name that starts with “Smith”



Special Dates & Other Visit Field Search Options

Some other key words that can be used to search in the Trac Navigation are:

  • Today
  • This Week
  • This Month
  • This Semester
  • Yesterday
  • Last Week
  • Last Month
  • Tomorrow
  • Next Week
  • Next Month
  • Rsn= -For a Specific Reason
  • Cons= -For a Specific Consultant
  • Sect= -For a Specific Section
  • Ctr= -For a Specific Center

Now using some of these key words combined with the quick search options above, we can run some custom searches. For example let’s find everyone named Sandra who visited the Demo Learning Center for this month. Since we are searching for visits we will need to pull up the “Visits” listing under the Search Glass icon.

In the Trac Navigation we would type “Sandra;This Month;ctr=Demo Learning@” and press the enter key. This will now pull up in the Visit Listing all of the Student(s) name Sandra who came in for a visit this month to the Demo Learning Center.


We can also search the Visit Listing for any students that have come in during a specific date range.

In the Trac Navigation, type your date range separated by the “…” characters and this will find all of the visits for all students within this specific date range (see below).


The Trac Navigation search option is a great way to easily search through any listing in the system whether it be the Student, Visit, Registration or Faculty listing. In addition to the Trac Navigation search tool we also have more advanced search options such as the Power Search and Utility Search. Be on the lookout for future Newsletters where we further look into the advanced search options.


More Questions?

We hope that you find this newsletter helpful and as always if you have any questions on this or any other features, please feel free to let us by emailing or submitting a ticket. Enter any comments below.

Thank you for your continued support!

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